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New life
Wednesday, September 5, 2018 • 12:12 AM • 0 comments

Hello peeps
How about semester break ? Or a long holiday before starting a new life or new semester ? So its been a quite long period since i'm posting new story. Recently i want that everybody who visit my page do pray for my luck in SPA interview. You know what ? Finally i'm accepted.

I'm now a trainee of Medical Lab Technologist. I can't imagine how could i survive in this course. I had never imagine that i would be in science course since i'm taking accounting class since my first year in secondary school. But who knows "perancangan Allah". Maybe this is the  best for me since i'm not performing well in accounting at UITM.

I'm not even regret that i need to move from UiTM. Since I know that when im here, i don't need to worry about paying any fees. i got my own allowance. Super enough for me to survive here. What i need just study smart and pray hard.

I'm dissappointed once when i know that i've been failed lots of interview. I'm nearly give up. But i keep pray because that is what my parents want me to do. I believe that what they want is the best for me. Even when i decided to quit from my study, it was my last year. im going to take final exam for my 4th semester. and just another one semester before i'm graduate.But still Allah know better.

So yeah.
My advice is keep praying, don't give up and believe in what your parents wants.
Also do pray for me here. Tomorrow i got biology test and i'm still here (blogging) hahhah.

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