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Its Semester Break
Tuesday, May 16, 2017 • 3:51 AM • 0 comments

Hey there.
As so you know my semester break has already started about 3 weeks ago. But im quite busy so im not going to update anything. While actually i've already forget that i got a blogger page so i can post at least an entry a month. And im too lazy to do that. Hm nope. Im not lazy, im busy hahahaa

My late post is about MDS and  i had post it at the early of my second semester. Oh my godness, it almost half years i didn't visit my blog. And right now is the season for 99's batch to proceed for their further studies because UPU result had already out.  Goodluck for all of you either you got form 6, matriks, or any public unicersities.  Just remember "pergi mana pun, kalau kau tak belajar betul-betul, kelaut jugak result kau".

If you do not catch up in any subject, please do revision early before you regret. "Nantilah study". A sentence that would make you regret when final come hahaha.

Sorry for the short entry. I'm busy. Yes busy doing nothing. haha I don't have any interesting daily life to share. But feel free to read my entry and do comment anything you wanna ask. Or just visit my social media to ask privately.
see ya ! !

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