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High School Rocker
Friday, July 29, 2011 • 5:02 PM • 0 comments

to all readers..denga la lagu nie..best tau lagu ini dinyanyikan oleh BUNKFACE sume lagu diorang nie bet2 tau try la denga...ermm..before that..tutup la lagu kat bawah dlu...

it started off as a reason,
a reason for the season,
the plan of the mission 
was about to go
the other way of possition,
a multi expedition,
time after time it wake me up;
now i'm in a mass,
such a stess,
i don't wanna know.
where it goes,
how it flows,
never mine let's go.
to a better place,of this chase,
i will leave it all;
so i better run away,
coz all i wanna be it just a
high school rocker!!
a mighty mighty stopper!!
nothing's gonna change my mine to blow!!
just another! believer!
a lousy lousy lover!!
nothing's gonna change my mine to blow!!
its off alone to be a disaster,
and closer to the answer,
the cross of my finger could be more than just a way!!to!!see!!
what i will be
and strike away to be me, 
time after time it wake me up!!
now i'm in a mass 
such a stress 
i don't wanna know
where it goes 
how it flows
never mine lets go
to a better place!!
of this chase!!
i will leave it all
so i better run away


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