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" Forgive for everything? till then again, in Jannah. Insha Allah. "




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Thursday, March 31, 2011 • 3:25 PM • 0 comments

ary neyhh cam biase bgn tido then tros mandy....elok pas mandy jew bru sdar yg kt luar tuh tgh ujan....pas 2 lak t'pakse la gi skola ngan my dad.. at skola pown bowink jerk....alhamdulillah ary tuh blk awal.....tp blk awal pown pe gune....kna lak jln kaki....kalo umah dkt x pe gak....
tp memg penat gilew kot....sakit kaki ak...da la kena b'jemur lak tgh panas..adus..
hope,ary cam neyhh x b'ulang agy....

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